We have a legal duty to protect patients’ confidentiality at all times. This means that we cannot disclose any details of your treatment to anybody else without your written consent – even if you are under 16 years old.

However, one exception to this is that we are required to send patient specific information to the Primary Care Trust regarding screening information, as this is held on a central NHS database so that this data can be accessed even if you move GP practice. If you do not want data regarding your child’s immunizations, six week checks, cervical cytology results and mammography results held on this central computer please let us know.

To help us maintain confidentiality, please do not ask other people to ring us on your behalf, unless you are happy that they know about what treatment you are having.

You are entitled to see any records that we hold for you written after 1st November 1991, including any computer records.

If you are applying for life insurance, you will be asked for your consent for us to prepare a medical report for your insurer. If you have disclosed information to us, we are obliged to disclose this in turn to the insurer. If this information is considered to increase the risk to your health it may increase your premiums for life insurance. You may wish to consider this before taking part in any screening that we may offer you.