Every patient has a named GP. This doctor has an important role to play in your healthcare. Some patients will already be aware of their named GP but if you would like to know, please just ask at reception.

Very little will change with your direct care. Your named GP does not have to be the doctor you see most recently, and you should continue to book appointments as usual.

The named GP is designed to reassure patients there is a doctor to provide an oversight into your care.

The responsibilities of your named GP will be to:

  • Take the lead responsibility for ensuring that the surgery provides all the appropriate services you need
  • Ensure health and social care professionals deliver a care package that meets your needs
  • Ensure your physical and psychological needs are recognised and responded to by the relevant clinicians in the practice
  • Ensure you have access to a health check if requested

It does not mean the named GP:

  • Takes responsibility for the work of other doctors or health professionals. If you have concerns, you must raise it with them in the first instance
  • Is available other than at their normal working hours
  • Is personally available throughout the working week
  • Be the only GP or clinician who will provide care to you

It does not mean that you can insist on appointment with your named GP unless one is available in the normal way.

You must continue to book appointments with the practice in the same way. If you require an appointment with a GP urgently and are unable to book it with your ‘named GP’ please book in with another available doctor.